Aims of the Conference

In order to warrant a good present and future for people around the planet and to safe the care of the planet itself, research in architecture has to release all its potential. Therefore, the aims of the 3rd Valencia International Biennial of Research in Architecture are:

  • To focus on the most relevant needs of humanity and the planet and what architectural research can do for solving them.
  • To assess the evolution of architectural research in traditionally matters of interest and the current state of these popular and widespread topics.
  • To deepen in the current state and findings of architectural research on subjects akin to post-capitalism and frequently related to equal opportunities and the universal right to personal development and happiness.
  • To showcase all kinds of research related to the new and holistic concept of sustainability and to climate emergency.
  • To place in the spotlight those ongoing works or available proposals developed by architectural researchers in order to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To underline the capacity of architectural research to develop resiliency and abilities to adapt itself to changing priorities.
  • To highlight architecture’s multidisciplinarity as a melting pot of multiple approaches, points of view and expertise.
  • To open new perspectives for architectural research by promoting the development of multidisciplinary and inter-university networks and research groups.

For all that, the 3rd Valencia International Biennial of Research in Architecture is open not only to architects, but also for any academic, practitioner, professional or student with a determination to develop research in architecture or neighboring fields