Conference Chair Welcome

Dear colleagues,

The Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Valencia is strongly committed to architectural research. This can be evidenced by the up to six research journals under the umbrella of our institution and managed by its departments, chairs or the school cabinet itself. But, undoubtedly, its most relevant periodical event is the Valencia International Biennial of Research in Architecture, better known by its acronym VIBRArch, which every two years congregates researchers from all over the world in order to showcase their research and findings.

After the success of the first edition held in 2018 focusing on the topic “Reactive-proactive architecture” and the meaningful expansion experienced in the second edition held in 2020 along with the prestigious EAAE-ARCC International Conference which focused on the topic “The architect and the city”, it is now the moment to present the third edition which will be held on November 9-11, 2022.

The topic chosen on this occasion has been “Changing priorities”. The increasing global awareness that the future of the planet is seriously compromised because of climate change and the undeniable incidence of architecture and building industry on it began gaining prominence during the last decade to the detriment of other relevant issues. But suddenly the irruption of the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed our order of priorities and most of our attention and resources is still devoted to its control and defeat. This sanitary crisis has shown as that architecture needs to be prompt to combat any unexpected threat and, consequently, its researchers must develop the necessary flexible and multipurpose abilities and tools, and resilience. This scenario has allowed us for offering a range of different and varied thematic areas.

It is my pleasure to invite to join us at the 3rd VIBRArch. I hope we will meet in Valencia, Spain, in November 2022.

Ivan Cabrera i Fausto
Conference Chair | Director of the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Valencia